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  • 6 months ago

Say It For Me" music video by The Wolf And The Woodsman.

Directed and Edited by Qiydaar Foster.

The Wolf And The Woodsman are Gilbane Peck and Simi Stone. 


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  • 7 months ago

Machine" music video by TMAC (ft. Konundrum Spitzz).

Co-Directed and Edited by Qiydaar Foster.

I’m a Machine, I’m a Monster…..In this Mac-N-Spitzz collaboration, TMAC and Konundrum Spitzz showcase their lyrical ability to capture an audience….literally. The music video (shot by Qiydaar Foster and Michael Esparza of Bad Grammar Productions, and edited by Qiydaar Foster) contains images that would make the likes of Alfred Hitchcock proud and the avid Dexter fan cringe. This intense combination of fast, high-flying lyrics and Resident Evil style graphics are sure to leave you wanting more…..Get your popcorn ready.

TMAC is a 2x LA Music Award-Winning artist/producer who has performed along-side acts such as Flo-Rida in the Indig02 Arena in London UK. TMAC has worked with talented minds across the world including Darnell Swallow (Big Brother 9 UK), Kris Searle (Grammy Considered, 5x LA Music Award Winner), OD Hunte (Platinum Producer), SIOW, and more.

TMAC’s upcoming album “Creation Over Consumption” will be released December 2013 featuring artists GLIFFICS, G Battles, Domi Rash, Shines Fresh, Brandon Joyce, Mic Jordan, Caroline Purr, Tori Quinn, Baby Aces and Konundrum Spitzz.

Audio Houndz Publishing Group
TMAC aka Troy Macfarland/Executive Producer

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  • 1 year ago
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Illumination” - a short film.
Written, Directed, and Edited by Qiydaar Foster

This film is my artistic reaction to the events of September 11th, 2001.
When it all happened, I did my best to ignore it, blocking out news reports, radios and the internet. I entered a state of self-imposed denial. The psychic shock I felt that day was too powerful for me to be able to process. I needed to do it in my own time. Almost 9 years later, I started a filmmaking workshop and started to write. This poured out of me but I wasn’t aware of the subject matter as I was writing. Only on the day I was to hand in my finished screenplay did it hit me while I was in the shower. This moment of clarity taught me the power of filmmaking. Sometimes your art comes from your heart and the mind only sees what you made after the fact. I will never forget this. So, it may not change anything for anyone or anything that happened that day, but this film is my outreached arm to the shoulders of those who have been affected by those events, as well as a statement of artistic purpose from me to the Universe. I am here, and I am ready. 

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  • 3 years ago

Street Fame” a music video by Illah Ghee.
Co-Directed, Co-Edited, and Co-Cinematography by Qiydaar Foster

The official music video for Street Fame, by underground rap artist Illa Ghee, off the album “Illa Spectrum” available on Itunes.

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  • 3 years ago